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To Annette, Christine, Michael, George & Irene,

Thank you so much for all your help in arranging Mum’s funeral wake.

Everyone that came said how much they enjoyed the food and venue.

From my point of view you did a wonderful job and knowing you all as I do made it so much easier for us all as a family.

Thank you once again,

 G, R & Families


August 2017

Dear Konrad,

My Dad died on the xth August in Brookfield Care Home and I wanted to put into writing to show my appreciation relating to the care that he received. As a recently retired District Nurse I am particularly aware of the standards of care necessary in supporting someone in the latter stages of their life. I am also conscious that my Dad was not always the easiest of residents to manage at times.

This all said the last few weeks of my Dad’s life your staff at Brookfield were absolutely amazing and provided superb care for Dad. Your team of staff, not just caring staff but also the chef, laundry and cleaners are a credit to your company in their devotion to their jobs and their caring approach. So please pass on my thanks to Allyson, Gillian & Tracey and their team of carers.

Following Dad’s funeral we also used the Club House at Fairmount, again your staff excelled, Annette and Michael were so helpful and friendly, and put on some great food for the occasion.

Thanks once again for everything!

Your sincerely,


3rd July 2017

Dear Mr Czajka,

What a wonderful “Afternoon Tea Party” we had at Currergate last Monday organised by Zoe and her welcoming, cheerful helpers. Who needs to go to the Ritz for afternoon tea?!

This is a short note to show how much M and I appreciate these social occasions when not only the Residents attend but Relatives are warmly invited to attend as well. We know it is an extra, different task for those involved in arranging these events so well.

My Sister H has been a Resident at Currergate for 18 months. She is happy there and is being well looked after. This too, we appreciate.

Kind Regards,

M & D


15th September 2016

Dear Mr Czajka,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent care given to my Mother during her stay with you from mid February this year until her recent death.
In particular, I am grateful to Tracy who always seemed kind and considerate and courteous in keeping me informed of her condition.
I was greatly comforted by assurances by the Doctor that her death seemed peaceful.
I am appreciative that Gillian and Allyson took the time and trouble to attend her funeral.

Yours Sincerely.



20th February 2016

Dear Lynne

I would like to thank you on behalf of us all for your care of M over the last two years. Right from before M arrived at Fairmount, the staff we met were kind and helpful. It's so frightening to pass your precious loved ones into someone else's care, and the Fairmount staff are all as kind to the relatives as they are to the residents.

I can truly say that everything during M's stay has been fantastic. The management made every effort to explain things, to resolve minor issues, and to give necessary information. I was never once told that a member of management didn't have time to speak to me.

The nursing staff were excellent, they kept us fully informed and dealt with medical issues promptly and compassionately. The carers were, without exception, kind, patient and warm, and were so very, very kind to M and to us too. The cleaning staff were efficient, all the rooms were sparkling and again the staff kind and friendly. The chef, at the same time as preparing exceptionally high quality food for a large number of people, was always keen to offer anything that a resident might fancy to tempt their appetite. All of the beautiful residents' rooms were truly treated as their homes by all the staff, and the dignity and privacy of my mother was respected from the day she came until she left.

I am so pleased that M's final years were spent in the safe secure and warm environment of Fairmount, she really thrived and was very, very happy and so, therefore, were we. I couldn't have done more for her than you and your colleagues did, and it's been wonderful to meet you all. I know that looking after the elderly is an employment, however, your staff really do care and I would be grateful if you could thank them all for us.

One of the key factors in M's wellbeing was her participation in the wonderful, stimulating, and varied activities provided by Julie, the gentle way she managed to integrate Mollie into these activities was astonishing. I do hope that our gift, in M's memory, to the residents of Fairmount will give them pleasure, I'm sure Julie will have loads of ideas for how to use the tablet with them.

Please pass our compliments to Konrad for a beautiful nursing home and an exceptionally high quality caring team.

With our sincerest thanks


8th April 2014

Dear all,

Thanks seem so inadequate for the caring you have given B over the last 7 years, and for the support you have given to E and me. We have always been made most welcome and whilst Staveley Birkleas became B's home, I've also seen it as a home for us.

We will never forget the staff paying their respects to B on his last journey.

To everyone at Staveley Birkleas

With Love

J, E & N

19th March 2014

Dear Ms Holmes,

I am writing to express a big “thank you” on behalf of my brothers and myself for the care you have given for my mother since January. Julie who has been her carer has been wonderful. She has been unfailingly cheerful and friendly and totally trustworthy and dependable. She has also a real interest in her work, and gave a lot of time and thought to thinking of ways in which Mum’s quality of life could be improved.

She is an imaginative and creative person and we have benefitted from having her in our home. I do hope she will be encouraged to developed her very real and obvious skills.

Mum is going into Brookfield so our connections with Czajka continue!

Again, many thanks for your support and help.

Yours sincerely


December 2013

Dear Sue,

Sorry I didn't manage to get to speak to you at the funeral, so I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for attending and for the flowers.

Could you please pass on my thanks to the staff at Fairmount for their care and assistance in looking after Joan in her last few months.

Unfortunately, you didn't see her at her best and I'm sure she was quite a difficult "patient" to care for, but I guess you're used to that.

I hope you have a great Christmas and all the best for 2014.

Kind regards


Brookfield Care Home

June 2013

Dear Mr Czajka,

Thank you for taking the time to join us at my mother’s 100th birthday party last Thursday. My mother thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and I know that everybody who attended had a great time including of course my own family.
Please convey my thanks to Gillian and her team for arranging the party and for continuing to look after my mother so well. Thanks also to the catering staff for providing the birthday cake and the excellent refreshments.
My mother has now been a resident of Brookfield for over four years and during that time your staff have always be tremendously helpful and supportive for which we are very grateful.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely


Fairmount Nursing Home

April 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wasn’t really sure to whom I should address this letter but I, on behalf of the family of Mr D, who was cared for at Fairmount Nursing Home, just wanted to write to say thank you. Although our Dad wasn’t at Fairmount for long, we were all so grateful to Carol and all her staff for their true kindness, patience and understanding at a time when he needed it the most.
Their professionalism and care was a credit to the Czajka Care Group and we just felt we needed to say thank you.

With kind regards and grateful thanks



April 2013

To everyone at Beanlands

Thank you so much for the fantastic care my mum has received over the past 10 years, it has turned such a negative stage in life into a positive and has been so appreciated by all her family. I really don't know where we would have been without you all, and at the end of her journey she has been surrounded by very special people.

With sincere thanks


Dear Sue & Janet

We'd like to thank all the staff at Beanlands for your kind care and devotion to our Dad.

We really appreciate everything you managed to do for him during his years at Beanlands, and a special thanks to Janina for all her kind care (and no doubt some frustrations as we know what Dad could be like). We have no doubt that Dad brought some of his special character to you all and enjoyed his many conversations with the people there. Once again thank you very much for everything.

B.A.M & J


February 2013

Dear Mr Czajka,

We are extremely grateful for all the care given to my stepmother, E.M. who was a resident at Beanlands for the last fourteen months of her life. All the staff were so friendly and genuinely thoughtful and caring towards E for which we were most grateful.

The standard of care was excellent and we can't thank Sue and her team at Beanlands enough for all her help, understanding and kindness. We have been impressed with the lovely homely family atmosphere and the warm welcome shown to all our family.

Our sincere thanks to all.

Kind Regards,



November 2012

Dear Gillian,

This is a SAD time!

Mum had been with you for so long that we feel like part of 'the family'. It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful for everything you and your dedicated 'team' did for her. The care given, the kindness shown, the friendliness that was always there,; all these aspects could not have been surpassed.

We say THANK You most sincerely to everyone. You gave mum a quality of life she would not have received elsewhere. We hope to remain part of 'your family', if only to a lesser degree!

Thank you again to EVERYONE.

Love and best wishes to you all

K & C


November 2012

Dear Conrad

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of mum's passing. She had been at Brookfield for over six years and until recently, had been in good health. We are expressing our sincere thanks for everything that was done for her during the entire time she was in your care. At a time when so much adverse publicity is given to care of the elderly, we are extremely grateful for the fantastic care given to mum. You can be very proud of all your staff at Brookfield. We have always been made very welcome and impressed by the high standards set and maintained by everyone. Friendliness, care, thoughtfulness and kindness could not have been better.

Thank ou once again for providing the facilities so that mum could end her days with happiness and dignity.

Sincere best wishes

K & C

Staveley Birkleas

Feb 2012

Dear Konrad

Thanks for welcoming Stan into Staveley Birkleas when it first opened and for his special care and kindness, especially when diagnosed with cancer. It was so important that he spent his final moments in his home with his 'family' and I am so grateful to your staff for their warmth, support & for keeping him dignified and as comfortable as possible.

I will cherish my visits during those final days.

On behalf of our family, please could you pass on my personal thanks.


Currergate Nursing Home

Feb 2012

To all the staff at Currergate Nursing Home

I cannot thank you all enough for the way you have looked after my mum and, prior to that, my dad whilst they stayed at Currergate over the past three plus years.

You are care staff in the truest sense of the word. You care enough to have endless kindness and patience with the residents; you care enough to have fun with them; you care enough to give them a ticking off when it's needed but above all, you care enough to love them.

I have always felt free to discuss any queries or worries I have had about my mum and dad with you, so have felt reassured that they both were getting the best care and were safe, comfortable and happy. You do your best to make relatives and friends feel welcome at any time, especially the hard times, with your smiles and thoughtfulness (not to mention the endless cups of tea/coffee on offer!)

So, once again, thank you for everything. I will always be grateful to you and would not hesitate to recommend Currergate to anyone.

With love



October 2011

How on earth can we possibly begin to express our gratitude and praise to Gillian and her team at Brookfield for all the love, care, professionalism and joy they brought into our mother's life during her time with you.

Some would say that old age is nothing to look forward to, but having visited our mother on a regular basis I would now argue that. Through your care, we are confident that we were able to enjoy our mother's company for added time as it was the care she received-the care that you gave her-that gave her the desire to carry on by restoring that much needed sense of confidence and well-being that she had started to lose.

She was afforded that love and care that only very privileged individuals are able to give; which enabled her to live out her time with the two most important factors of all-happiness and dignity, and also a sense of feeling that she was not a burden and that she was loved and appreciated.

How can we thank you for that?

Mr Czajka, I could go on for hours lavishing praise, but it would never be enough. You must be very proud of your entire team at Brookfield for what they have achieved and the care they afforded our mother and by the same token, they too can be very proud of themselves for the fact they brought so much joy and happiness to D. And made the last years of her life amongst some of the happiest and most comfortable she ever enjoyed.

Many thanks and best regards


Community Care Leeds

April 2011

I wish to thank all the staff who provided care and companionship for A. You never missed a visit, and I know he was always pleased to see you, it gave him much joy to share a joke or story with you, and hear your laughter.

Knowing your visits were reliable, it gave me peace of mind, that you would be with A addressing his needs. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to work, which would have had an impact on my life. Also, if there were any problems you were always quick to alert me. I think we were all part of A's partnership, we worked well together and it has been a pleasure to get to know you all.

Not everyone can do your job, it takes a certain kind of caring person, and I am so grateful there are people like you.

Many thanks for all your sympathy cards, messages of condolence, and to those who did the honour of attending A's funeral.

At this point I am sure A would like me to say to you, 'Thanks for what you have done' and 'God bless you'.

Kindest regards always


Community Care Bradford

Sept 2011

Dear Czajka

We are extremely grateful for all the care you have given to D at home during his illness over the last ten weeks. The carers were always efficient, friendly and genuinely concerned with D and his changing needs. Their manner was always sympathetic and appropriate, not just with D but always with us. It is credit to your staff that we never felt awkward or inconvenienced by their presence-in fact we welcoming their coming to the door.

Would you please pass on our gratitude to all who looked after D. He will be much missed.

Yours sincerely


Fairmount Park Clubhouse

March 2012

Dear Mr Czajka

On recommendation from family and friends living locally, I booked the Clubhouse for a buffet meal after my mother's funeral in Shipley.

I had contacted Janet Foster by telephone, she was extremely helpful.

On the day we answered to find we were greeted outside and inside. The service was impeccable and quietly discreet but efficient. The food was well presented & delicious.

Janet and her team helped make this occasion a very pleasant one.

With many thanks to all concerned

Yours sincerely